Award Categories


A.1 Education

A.2 Travel & Tourism


A.4 Automobile


A.6 Health, Wellness & Fitness

A.7 Media & Entertainment (TV/Radio/Print)

A.8 Platform - Specific Content (e.g. MOJ, Spotify, Youtube, etc)

A.9 Food & Beverages

A.10 Hospitality & Real Estate

A.11 Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle


A.13 Retail & E-commerce

A.14 Gaming

A.15 OTT

A.16 Home-grown / Small Biz Campaign


B.1 Best Small Budget Campaign

Campaigns that were effectively executed on a budget under 5 lakhs.

B.2 Best Integrated Influencer Campaign (Multi-channels)

The effective use by an influencer of two or more social media channels and/ or websites to promote a campaign.

B.3 Best Use of Technology

Cases where innovative technology such as AR/ VR/ crowd-sourcing was used to communicate product/service features, develop a product/ marketing programme/ communicate a campaign. It should involve finding out how the latest technology was used to get desired results.

B.4 Best Use of Audio/Video

The effective and creative use of Audio/Video of influencers/Celebrities to promote a brand product or service.

B.5 Most Innovative Marketing Campaign/Strategy

A campaign which has made the best use of creativity, innovation and the right influencers to promote a product or service.

B.6 Most Impactful Marketing Campaign/Strategy

A campaign that created a long-lasting impact and led to awareness (eg- Red Dot, Cadbury Purple Heart)

B.7 Most Effective Moment-Marketing

A campaign that made use of viral trends effectively to popularise its own Campaign.

B.8 Best Regional Content

A campaign that used an Indian language or multiple Indian languages, other than English and Hindi. The campaign may have been developed originally in an Indian language or may have been adapted from another Indian or international language to an Indian language, other than English or Hindi.
(Work which is not in English should be submitted with an English translation and/or English subtitles so that it can be understood in English, strictly as it was used)

B.9 Best Affiliate Marketing Content

An affiliated campaign that generated great traffic or leads promoting a different company's products and services on an affiliate basis.

B.10 Best Brand-Engagement Campaign

A campaign that has used influencers to generate brand engagement and develop the relationship of consumers with that brand's audience.

B.11 Most Effective Campaign for ROI

A campaign that focuses solely on monetary ROI on the budget allocated.

B.12 Most Viral Influencer-Driven Campaign

A campaign that gained a lot of traction and popularity since its making, from audiences of all kinds and spaces.

B.13 Best Celebrity-Driven Campaign

Campaign or strategy which uses a celebrity's fame or social status to promote a product, brand or service, or to raise awareness about an issue. Brand recognition is a huge part of celebrity branding, where the general public is able to establish a brand from its attributes.

B.14 Best Influencer/Celebrity Driven Awareness/ CSR Act

A campaign that was brand or agency-led, or in collaboration with a popular Influencer or Celebrity to drive awareness/marketing regarding a tech product, or a campaign that used technology very strategically.

B.15 Best Influencer-Driven Experiential Marketing

Campaign or strategy that immerses customers with a product or deeply engages them, resulting in a memorable and long-lasting connection between the customer and the brand.

B.16 Best Influencer/Celebrity-Driven Campaign for Brand Awareness

A campaign where brands leverage well-known figures who have influence over their target markets to promote their brands.

B.17 Best Social-Commerce Campaign/Strategy

A campaign that successfully used one or more content creators/influencers to drive online or offline sales for a brand, through social-commerce platforms like Facebook marketplace, Instagram shop, etc.

B.18 Best Use of Social Media

The effective use of social media to promote a brand campaign.


These awards are given to individuals who are popular in their particular niche. Influencers who are winning brands and their followers.


C.1 Best Healthcare/Wellness Influencer

C.2 Best Fitness Influencer

C.3 Best Family/Parent Influencer

C.4 Best Fashion Influencer

C.5 Best Food Blogger/Influencer

C.6 Best Beauty Influencer

C.7 Best Tech Influencer

C.8 Best Motivational Speaker

C.9 Best Child Influencer

C.10 Best Education Influencer

C.11 Best Travel Influencer

C.12 Best DIY Influencer

C.13 Best Social Cause Influencer

C.14 Best Money Planning and Personal Finance Influencer

C.15 Best Lifestyle and Luxury Influencer

C.16 Best Rising Star Influencer (Min. 1-year)

C.17 Best Entertainment Influencer

C.18 Best Celebrity Influencer of the Year

C.19 Best Body Positivity Influencer

C.20 Most Viral Content Creator of the Year

C.21 Best Comic Influencer of the Year

C.22 Best Music Influencer

C.23 Best Dance Influencer

C.24 Best Gaming Influencer

C.25 Best Photography Influencer

C.26 Best Regional Influencer

C.27 Best Nano Influencer (Up to 10k followers)

C.28 Best Micro Influencer (10k to 100k followers)

C.29 Best Macro Influencer (100k and more)


D.1 Best Influencer Marketing Agency

D.2 Best Influencer of the Year

D.3 Best Campaign of the Year (Brand)

D.4 People’s Choice for Best Influencer (No entries invited)