With the advent of cookie-less technology, online advertising has been undergoing a revolutionary change. This shift has created a need for marketers to rethink their strategies and find new ways to maximise their outcomes in this new landscape. The death of the third-party cookie is a major disruption to the digital advertising industry. It will require advertisers to rethink their strategies for targeting users, measuring success, and optimizing campaigns. By understanding the implications of this shift and leveraging the right technologies, marketers can create more effective campaigns that will yield better results.

With the increasing focus on consumer privacy, businesses need to find new ways to navigate a future without cookies. Discover how you can optimise your approach and maximise outcomes in a cookie-less landscape with our expert insights.


  • Biggest challenge for digital marketers in cookie-less ecosystem
  • Alternatives to third-party cookies for tracking and targeting users
  • Impact of Artificial Intelligence (AI) on digital marketing and the road ahead
  • Publisher-advertiser collaboration for relevant ad placement without third-party cookies & choosing the right contextual partner
  • Privacy implications of advertising in a cookie-less world

Silverpush X e4m RoundTable Agenda

4:00 pm – 4:05 pm
Welcome Address
Welcome & Introduction by
Session Chair:
Harshil Karia, Founder- Schbang

4:05 pm – 5:20 pm
Panel Discussion
7-8 Agency Leaders/ Brands/ Digital Leaders + Chaitanya Sinha, Business Head-India, Silverpush + Session Chair: Harshil Karia, Founder- Schbang

5:20 pm – 5:25 pm
By Panel Members

5:25 pm – 5:30 pm
Thank you note
By Session Chair: Harshil Karia, Founder- Schbang

5:30 pm
Wine & Cheese


Anil Kumar Suryavamshi

Associate Vice President - Planning

Anil Pandit

Senior Vice President, Lead -Precision (Programmatic), India

Ankit Banga

Chief Business Officer

Apoorva Maheshwari

Head of Marketing

Chinmay Chandratre

General Manager

Jinit Shah


Mihir Karkare

Co-Founder & EVP

Rohan Chincholi

Head- Digital Services, India

Sairam Ranganathan

National Head- Digital Services

Samyukta Ganesh Iyer

Vice President and Head of Marketing

Simran Chugh

Associate Director- Media

Sham Srinivas

Vice President Marketing

Shrikant Shenoy

Assistant Vice President

Shwet Nigam

Director- Media and Marketing

Chaitanya Sinha

Business Head-India

Session Chair

Harshil Karia


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