Connected TV Conference is the flagship property of exchange4media curated to bring world’s top brands, advertisers & MarTech professionals all under one roof to discuss how the 8-year-old innovation is disrupting the way consumers consume TV and how, as brands, you can harness the power of connectivity & real-time data analysis.

Built to stream on-demand video content over the internet, Connected TV enables higher engagements and cost-effective, impressive click-through rates vs linear TV. Connected TV’s penetration in India is still at a nascent stage, but the speed at which internet connectivity in India is growing, it’s only a matter of time that Connected TV will become every household’s device.

Who Should Attend the Connected TV Conference?

TV evangelists, marketers, advertisers, digital technology geeks who want to learn more about CTV’s applied science and how impactful is CTV advertising and what are the opportunities and challenges it poses in a marketing campaign, then you should attend the CTV summit.