Theme - Creating Value In The Web3 Digital Economy

India's goal is to become a 1 trillion USD digital economy by 2025. This digital economy is being built on the three pillars viz. infrastructure, business transformation and digital commerce with UPI, Aadhaar, ONDC (open network digital commerce) and 5G technologies being the driving forces. This evolution to the new digital economy will lead to emergence of new markets and pave the opportunity for creating value and increasing the worth of customers. This presents businesses with opportunities to offer novel market-based solutions and improved customer experience, in addition to revenue growth and competitive advantage. We are already witnessing this evolution in the form of Web3, which aims to generate decentralized experience and ownership and establish a new financial system. The Web3 digital economy will give new avenues for businesses to create value and empower them to drive digital innovation which will usher in a new dawn of marketing and creativity, more spatial, experiential and immersive.

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