Omnichannel Personalization:
Creating Seamless Customer Journeys

March 21st, 2024   |   Thursday   |   Mumbai


Omnichannel personalization is a comprehensive approach to customer engagement that involves tailoring the customer experience across multiple channels and touchpoints. This strategy aims to create seamless customer journeys by harnessing data and technology to provide highly personalized interactions.

Discussion Points

  • Discuss the challenges and benefits of implementing omnichannel personalization
  • Share strategies for unifying customer data across multiple channels for consistent personalization
  • Explore case studies of brands that have successfully delivered seamless, personalized experiences across channels
  • Highlight the role of AI and machine learning in optimizing omnichannel personalization efforts.


Abhishek Anand

Group Brand Manager, Digital & Customer Experience

Archit Shankar

Head of Marketing and Communication

Debashish Roy

Director - Digital Transformation & Customer Experience

Mihhiir Lakhani

Head – Marketing

Rajan Sharma

Head of Sales & Marketing

Reena Jagtap

Lead Digital Marketing

Sheetal Jain

General Manager - Digital Business & Strategic Initiatives

Sugosh Iyer

General Manager , Digital Marketing

Supratik Sengupta

Head of Marketing - Consumer Healthcare

Tanushree Jain

Head Digital Marketing

Session Chair

Tanisha Doshi

Director - Growth & Strategy

Co - Session Chair

Vineet Shah

General Manager West