About Us

Welcome to the 4th edition of the e4m Health & Wellness Marketing Awards

In today’s faced-paced world with erratic irregularities in the environment, maintaining good health is gaining prominence. Being healthy is becoming the new life rule, and people have now realized that health is indeed the greatest wealth. Consumers are ready to pay whatever it takes to access healthy and fresh food and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Owing to the rapid digital penetration, the medical and healthcare industry is undergoing a metamorphosis, and the entire ecosystem, with the help of AI, is taking center stage in the pharma and health sector. This has given brands the much-needed opportunity to propagate the message that good health is central to human happiness and well-being through their smart advertising.

In the highly competitive market, brands are trying to gain an edge over their competitors and are leaving no stone unturned to prove why their products are better than the rest. With a plethora of brands in the market, it's smart marketing that makes any brand stand out from the rest and helps attract new customers. Be it FMCG products, apparel, or accessories, customers are willing to pay a premium for sustainable and organic products. For brands today, the preservation of the environment is the biggest agenda and considerable marketing budgets are being allocated for the same.

The 4th edition of e4m Health & Wellness Marketing Awards 2023 celebrates and honours brands and agencies for creating and marketing products that help consumers experience a better quality of life. The award isn't merely restricted to the health and pharma sector but covers a gamut of categories ranging from food, consumer goods, technology, retail, auto to real estate. Any product or its marketing, that speaks of healthier alternatives for the masses at large, is eligible to enter the awards.

Important Dates

Entry eligibility period: 1st February 2022 to 30th March 2023
(Campaigns that have been introduced earlier but ran during this period or continued running after this period, are also eligible to enter)

Early Bird Deadline: 20th February 2023
Regular Deadline: 31st March 2023