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Outlook of omnichannel engagement in the Automotive Sector

The automotive industry lives in a world where changes happen at an unprecedented speed. Buying a vehicle is a diverse and complex process. With the right analysis & data collection tools, automakers can understand their target customers in better ways. Marketing for the automotive brand will be all about omnichannel engagement to deliver memorable and immersive experiences However, many elements have to come together to remove the persistent barriers.

Discussion Points

  • –> What makes for a sophisticated marketing stack that helps to segment and target customers with hyper-personalized messaging?
  • –> Brand perceptions and challenges – New-age vs. legacy OEMs
  • –> Tailoring customer’s experience with omnichannel automotive engagement
  • –> Deliver conversational customer experience with live engagement with the automotive buyers
  • –> Enhancing user engagement and retention with Marketing automation
  • –> Bridging the physical & digital worlds to enhance customers’ journeys


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