2020 was a year of unlearning and learning for all of us. We saw the internet become a lifeline for businesses and individuals.Indian consumers became more comfortable transacting online, as evidenced by the surge in UPI transactions.There has been an 88% YoY growth in consumers shopping directly from a website. Today 1 in every 3 Indians is watching online videos and in fact 2 out of 3 users say that they would rather give up TV than YouTube for a month.

These are unprecedented times that have seen even traditionally offline industries like retail, auto, healthcare and consumer goods dial up their investments in tech & customer engagement and reinforce their direct-to-customer (D2C) models. Brands that have shown ambition, agility and resilience have thrived.

Is it time for businesses to reexamine their priorities and evolve at the pace their consumers have? How do they adapt their business in line with the digital transformation they are seeing with their consumers? How can they differentiate their brand from intense competition seen both online and offline? How do they ensure their business is future ready?

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