28th August, 2020

Case Study

C.2 Community Engagement / Community Building and Most Effective Social Listening

Categories Name : Social Media

Sub-Category : Community Engagement / Community Building and Most Effective Social Listening

Entry Name (Campaign) : Abbott - Convosight Community Marketing

Covering Note / Overall Experience

PediaSure and Abbott India partnered with Convosight from late 2019 to May 2020, for their listening and Community Marketing offering in private online communities and closed Facebook Groups

The campaign was conducted in three phases:

  • a. Phase 1: Listening and Conversational Analytics from 2019 to March 2020 when the COVID lockdown began
  • b. Phase 2: Community Marketing Campaign (CMC)
  • c. Phase 3: CMC based on a unique insight from social listening in March 2020 during the COVID lockdown

Convosight, through its text-analytics and unique access to rich conversations in closed online communities, identified a 2.5X increase in "toddler-immunity" conversations among moms. Immunity is also one of the key benefits and claims of PediaSure

Armed with this insight, Convosight and PediaSure decided to run a Community Marketing Campaign, centered around a 1-1 "Immunity & Nutrition Counseling Session" by experts. They leveraged Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) in communities to run a Community Marketing Campaign. KOLs and mom-influencers in communities addressed mothers' immunity queries in an authentic manner and in line with the community's goals of helping members. They recommended PediaSure's "Immunity and Nutrition Counseling Helpline" to moms

Convosight was able to measure the campaign's impact on brand metrics, beyond typical social media metrics of "likes and shares". We base-lined metrics like Brand and Competitor Share of Voice (SOV) and Brand Association before the campaign and delivered a healthy improvement in positive sentiment, awareness and a higher association with "immunity"

The campaign, which was run in 80 Private Facebook Groups and 100 Whatsapp Groups, reached 4.6M mothers and generated 2800+ leads of mothers opting for PediaSure's helpline, with conversion rates of >60%, surpassing lead quality from all other channels

This was a true community campaign with >93% community members reporting that they found tremendous value in the information shared and >97% community admins indicating they would love to run such campaigns in future. It was in line with Convosight's objective of not just helping brands leverage communities, but add value to community members and create community entrepreneurs by arming them with a way to engage and monetize their communities


PediaSure is a child health nutrition supplement for kids aged 2+ years. Customers for the brand are mothers. Since users form communities around a specific life-stage or shared pain-points and interests, Convosight as a platform was in the unique position to identify 80 Facebook Groups and 100 Whatsapp Groups in the Parenting Category which reached 4.6M moms of kids 2+ years, making the platform and audience the perfect fit for the brand

Convosight built a custom AI/ML/NLP (Artifical Intelligence/Machine Learning/Natural Language Processing) category model for the kids' nutrition category using relevant keywords, bigrams and contextual information. Using this, Convosight was able to "listen" to conversations in these communities and identified a sudden spike in "immunity" concerns among moms

PediaSure and Convosight leveraged this insight and came up with

  • 1. An "immunity and Nutrition Counseling Helpline", and
  • 2. A Community Marketing Campaign leveraging KOLs, community leaders and other moms

PediaSure and Convosight defined clear brand objectives:

  • 1. Highlight PediaSure's claim of improving Immunity and increase brand association with "immunity"
  • 2. Increase awareness and trial intent. Generate leads through the "Immunity Counseling Helpline"

The brand decided to use Convosight, because of their unique network that reaches 30M+ users in closed communities. It is globally the first Community Marketing Platform for closed online groups, built on deep text analytics capabilities

The brand and Convosight brought the campaign to life through the authentic voice of other moms and community influencers, people who other community members inherently trust trust


Communities were integrated in each element of the campaign, right from listening insights from two-way user-to-user conversations to the message and posting the message through community influencers


PediaSure partnered with Convosight, a Sequoia and IvyCap-backed venture and globally the first and only Community Marketing Platform that connects brands to millions of highly engaged users in closed Facebook Groups and online communities

The Media or Messengers: Real Mothers, Real Conversations

The campaign brought back Word-Of-Mouth front and center. Rather than the brand or a celebrity talking to users and followers, it was real moms, community influencers and Key Opinion Leaders who spoke to other moms and advised them on their real concerns?

The Message

Before mothers would even mention the brand, they addressed mothers' concerns about the child's immunity in the most authentic manner. Posts featured home remedies, activity regimen, etc. The efficacy of this strategy was visible with 93% users/moms indicating that the campaign added immense value to them and addressed their true concerns

The brand was brough into the spotlight through the "Immunity Counseling Helpline" and #BeSureWithPediaSure

This potent combination of the right community platform, KOLs as messengers and an authentic message & tone resulted in a purpose-led marketing campaign that saw engagement beyond defined KPIs. The campaign, which reached 4.6M moms, saw a 4.7x increase in brand mentions and a 41% increase in Share of Voice and positive sentiment in these communities and convinced PediaSure to continue with a Phase 2 of the campaign


Campaign execution was divided into 4 steps. All of these steps, from identifying and onboarding communities and conversational analytics for insights to community marketing and measuring improvements in brand metrics were done digitally through Convosight's Insights and Community Marketing Platform

1. Discover: Using Convosight's platform and the defined TG, Convosight identified 80 Private Facebook Groups and 100 Whatsapp Groups with conversations relevant to kids' nutrition and kids' health

2. Access and Baseline: Once identified, Convosight built a custom-category model to get deep insights from millions of conversations. This conversational analysis helped

  • a. Identify a spike in "Immunity" conversations among moms, which rose from under 20% of the category conversations to 47% in the COVID context, making it the number 1 concern on moms' minds
  • b. Establish a baseline for the brand
    i. Share of Voice (SOV) of issues being discussed
    ii. SOV of remedies being recommended
    iii. SOV of different products and brands
    iv. Sentiment and Emotion for PediaSure
    v. PediaSure's association with key issues/benefits

3. Engage: Community Admins, Moderators, Key Opinion Leaders, Brand Evangelists and Members (other moms) to answer queries and proactively suggest remedies to build a child's immunity. They ended the message recommending the "Immunity Counseling Helpline" by PediaSure for mothers seeking additional information

4. Measure & Report: Using Convosight's Platform and the established baseline, PediaSure was able to measure the exact movement and improvement in

  • Brand Mentions
  • SOV versus competitors
  • Positive Sentiment
  • Association with "Immunity"
  • Number of leads generated

The campaign outperformed on every single metric across the customer journey from top-funnel to down-funnel metrics. Not only did the campaign succeed on brand metrics, it helped grow the category SOV with a 4.5X increase in kids' nutrition category conversations within the communities. Some of the key achievements of the campaign were:

  • a. 4.5X increase in category conversations
  • b. An increase of Brand Share of Voice (SOV) from 53% to 61%
  • c. 2830 leads of moms who attended "Immunity Counseling Sessions"
  • d. 63% conversion rate of leads, 46% better than other channels
  • e. 12.9X increase in brand conversations
  • f. 18.4X increase in brand mentions