28th August, 2020


Keynote Speakers

Michal Szaniecki

Managing Director - SEAT & CUPRA

Volkswagen Group

Madhusudan Gopalan

MD & CEO of India Sub Continent

Madhusudan Gopalan
MD & CEO of India Sub Continent Procter & Gamble

Mr. Madhusudan Gopalan is Managing Director & CEO of India Sub Continent at Procter & Gamble where he is responsible for developing P&G’s business, organization and corporate reputation. He has more than 18 years of experience working for the company across business units and diverse geographies like India, US and ASEAN countries. Prior to his India role, Madhusudan was leading the P&G business in Indonesia where he has led strong sales growth, share turn around, strong value creation and cash productivity. As a passionate advocate of diversity, he spearheaded the development of local talent in Indonesia and under his leadership, the company recently achieved the milestone of having more than 50% women managers in the workforce. Madhusudan also served as the Chairman of Indonesia Chapter of US ASEAN Business Council and advised the Indonesian government on policy matters.

Madhusudan started his career with P&G in India 1999 as a new hire in the Sales function from Indian Institute of Management, Calcutta and worked in various locations across India including being part of P&G’s first Modern Retail team in India. His first international assignment was to P&G's headquarters in the United States, where he worked with the P&G-Walmart business team. He returned to India as the Head - Market, Strategy & Planning and oversaw the rapid growth of P&G’s business that grew 10 times in the space of a decade. He then moved to Indonesia as Head of Sales where he learnt to speak the local language, Bahasa Indonesia. Madhusudan later assumed the position of ASEAN Commercial Leader based in Bangkok, where he oversaw the commercial category teams across all P&G ASEAN countries and helped set up P&G’s e-commerce business teams in the region. Post this assignment, he returned to Indonesia as the Head of the P&G business before taking over as India CEO.

Terence Mills

Member - Forbes Technology Council, CEO and Chairman

Terence Mills
Member - Forbes Technology Council, CEO and Chairman, AI.io

A six-time CEO, Terence Mills is the CEO of AI.io, and industry leading data science and engineering company that envisions, conceptualizes, and delivers AI solutions in healthcare, travel, and entertainment. Terence is also a recognized and prestigious member of the Forbes Technology Council and a monthly Forbes.com contributor on the topic of AI. Terence has been recognized as one of the top 50 AI influencers on Twitter in 2018 and 2019. As a sought-after AI thought leader, Terence participates as a keynote speaker to educate and assist business leaders and entrepreneurs about how to harness the power of AI and blockchain to solve business problems.

At Ai.io, Terence is helping to propel advances in productivity by creating of the future of work and changing how people live their lives in ways they could only have imagined. In January of 2019, AI.io announced the launch of Halo Travel, powered by Priceline Partner Network. Halo Travel is the first intelligent, voice-activated, and personalized chat bot for travel that combines virtual payments with the capability to book flight and hotel reservations all via voice. Later this year, AI.io will be delivering innovative AI solutions in healthcare that will seek to improve the quality of care by solving some of the boldest problems in the $3.65 trillion U.S. healthcare coding and payments industry.

“I’m passionate about building big businesses, boosting efficiency across the board and strengthening decision-making. Each morning I get excited by the thought of how to help business leaders transform their companies by bridging the gap of AI, blockchain, and big data to determine where they converge. As an AI influencer, thought leader, member of the Forbes Technology Council, and keynote speaker, I am evangelizing the need for a new class of AI that is explainable, accountable, not biased, nor destructive. My goal is to help executives and industry leaders to create truly efficient businesses by putting information into the hands of employees so that they can take action and strengthen decision-making often leading to revenue growth.”


Kishore Jayaraman

President India & South Asia

Kishore Jayaraman
President India & South Asia, Rolls Royce

Kishore Jayaraman is the President for Rolls-Royce India and South Asia. Based in New Delhi, Kishore looks after all operations and activities of Rolls-Royce in India and South Asia and pursues expanded opportunities for all Rolls-Royce businesses across the region.

Kishore came into Rolls-Royce after 23 years with GE, the last of which was as President & CEO, of GE Energy, South Asia. Kishore has multi-faceted experience in Technology, Project Management, Commercial Operations and Business Leadership. Kishore has spent extensive time in global management responsibilities and during the course has relocated for extensive durations globally.

Born in Chennai, India, Kishore graduated with a Bachelor’s and a Master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering and is an MBA graduate from the Terry College of Business, University of Georgia, Athens.

Kishore is an active member of several boards and committees in the South Asia region and is based in New Delhi, India.

Asha Sekhar

Chief Digital Officer - India & South West Asia

Asha Sekhar
Chief Digital Officer - India & South West Asia, Coca-Cola

Under her leadership, Asha focuses on the journey towards the company’s digital transformation and helps in building foundations necessary for business growth, driving opportunities and strengthening Coca-Cola India's digital ecosystem. In addition to this, Asha also leads the media and allied marketing functions. She is a Coca-Cola veteran and has spent over 13 years with the company. In her previous role, as Director - Media, Coca-Cola India and South West Asia, she was pivotal in setting up a separate media function to efficiently leverage marketing efforts in an increasingly complex media landscape.

As core part of the marketing function, she has been a significant change agent for driving media strategy at Coca-Cola India. Some of her many significant achievements include, the inception and later scale-up of Samvaad, an in-house digital experience center for Coca-Cola in India, that delivers consumer centricity for Coca-Cola's brands, company and customers. She has also delivered some 'industry-first' pioneering projects and driven strategic media partnerships. Prior to this, she worked for over a decade with WPP, Universal McCann, Madison and Mudra, managing media businesses for leading brands.

Michal Szaniecki
Managing Director - SEAT & CUPRA, Volkswagen Group

Passionate & rewarded Leader of Change for Global Brands in FMCG & Automotive shaping Brands in CEE, Germany & Switzerland;

Board Member of IAA, Member & Head of Juries (Effie, Drum Marketing, Young Creatives), actively shaping marketing & digital revolution as a member of international marketing associations,

International coach and keynote speaker in “business of non-conscious choice” & (D)CX

Marketing Director of the Year 2018

Loyal enthusiast of Martin guitars