Judging Criteria

Entry Submission Format & Judging Criteria

Entries must have been live to market at some point between 1st july 2020 to 31st june 2021. Entries do not have to be created within this timescale. If an event/activation has begun or ended in this stipulated period, but not completed / started within the period, it can be considered valid as long as a substantial part of the campaign falls under this time frame.

Entries in a language other than English must be accompanied by a translation. The translation must not be a synopsis, but a direct translation of the text of an advertisement, brochure, poster, etc. For non-English video entries, please dub or provide subtitles. For non-English audio entries, please provide either a transcript in the form of a digital file or a video file format that provides subtitles while the audio is playing.

Upload the presentation with your supporting creative (AV, Images) through a google drive link It is mandatory for all entrants to submit their entries in a AV or Presentation format. Please make sure the PPT is uploaded on Google Drive and the shareable link is submitted in the entry form (Don’t forget to make the link PUBLIC). The PPT should not exceed more than 20 slides. An AV can be submitted as a supporting document. AV should not be longer than 2 minutes and could be uploaded on YouTube or google drive . Please make sure the YouTube link and the google drive link submitted in the entry form is public.

Please note:- The jury prefers to see audio visual. It is advisable to have Audio in the video for the entries. The judges reserve the right to re-allocate entries that in their view are entered in an incorrect category. The judges also reserve the right to remove categories where entries do not meet the standard for nomination.

Design for Advertising

OUT OF HOME Advertising

The Jury will be looking for evidence of:

  • Clear strategic thinking
  • Creativity and innovation
  • Tangible results and outcomes
  • Proof of effectiveness

Digital Advertising

Points to be included in the entry:

Strategy : An entry should demonstrate approach to the overall purpose and target audience throughout each elements of the campaign.

Creativity and Innovation : Jury shall focus on few elements of the campaign like content, design, technological innovation, and the unique nature and/ or originality of the underlying idea. It includes writing, music, and relevant use of animation, video or anything that communicates a creative marketing message.

Execution : Jury shall focus on the alignment of the strategy with the result through the effective use of resources, technology and implementation of the campaign.

Results : Jury shall evaluate campaign on the basis of the results of the campaign based on whether the campaign achieved desired results? Was it able to reach to target audience? Or any other statistic which will help in proving the results of the campaign.


Points to keep in mind for your case study:

  • Objectives & Planning
  • Event/Meeting Design
  • Participant Engagement
  • Innovation & Creativity
  • Crisis Management (Wherever applicable)
  • Impact & Results

Brand Design & Corporate Identity

The definition of Design & Corporate identity is the celebration of the use of design as an aid in communication and experience to inform brand ethos and product messages.

Points to be included in your entry:

  • Creativity - ( Concept ) - 25%
  • Innovation - ( Media Strategy & Plan ) - 25%
  • Effectiveness - ( Target Audience & Result ) - 25%
  • Production - ( Execution ) - 25%

Retail Design

Points to be covered in your case study:

  • Content
  • Structure and Navigation
  • Visual Design
  • Functionality
  • Interactivity
  • Innovation
  • Overall Experience

Package Designing

Points to be included in your entry:

Solution need and potential – How well does the concept/ design solve the identified problem and what is the future potential of the design solution. How well design thinking is used; and the process between the insights and solution would also be considered.

Aesthetics, utility and novelty – How well is design described and how well it satisfies the identified needs? What aspects of the design make it useful and novel? Is it pleasing and looks and feel well resolved?

Feasibility – Is the design solution based on logical and sound hypothesis and judgment? Has the concept addressed the identified challenges effectively and demonstrated a reasonable solution for solving them?

Originality &uniqueness – Does the design solution clearly demonstrate any benefits for the users, for the society, for the stakeholders? Does it show lateral, out of box thinking, does it bring about a magical feeling.

we highly encourage sending an actual sample of the work in a digital version.



Points to be covered in your case study:

  • Entry Details
  • Objective of entered work
  • Creative Solution
  • Results


Any print ad, whether published in the press or on billboard can be submitted. Points to be included in your entry:

  • Entry Details
  • Objective of entered work
  • Creative Solution
  • Results


Craftsmanship in terms of creative thinking and attention to detail, Strategy in terms of clarity around what needs to be achieved and the role that the design is playing to deliver that, and Performance in terms of the impact that the design has had and the results it has achieved.

Overall we will be looking for big ideas, beautifully crafted. And with that, we will also be looking for innovation in approach and stand-out creativity.

Points to be covered in your case study:

  • Concept & Writing
  • Quality of Craft
  • Integration
  • Overall Experience