• Jury to abstain from voting on any work in which they or their companies have been involved, either directly or indirectly.
  • The decision of the Jury in all matters relating to the awarding of prizes will be final and binding
  • The Challenge (the context; impact on top line/ bottom line) - 20%
  • Clarity of Insights and Creativity (reference through research, data analysis and using the same relevantly engaging creative means) - 20%
  • Alignment between Goals, Strategy & Execution - 30%
  • Measurable Results (Both Qualitative & Quantitative – Relevant media exposure which is not paid for, Impact on behavioral change, help in sales, achievement of stated goal etc.) - 30%
  • Base your valuation on the criteria given for each category.
  • Base your judgment solely on the entry submitted, in an independent and objective manner and not your prior experience of the entrant’s activities or any views that you may or may not have about the Entrant Company / individual.
  • Please abstain from voting on any work that you or your organization have been involved with directly or indirectly. Please put a ‘Not Applicable’ (NA) under the score. Please mention the reason for abstaining from marking an entry. An average score based on all the other judges’ scores will be added to that entry, so as not to affect the entry’s overall score. Please ensure that you do not leave the box blank.
  • Entrants may have submitted multiple entries in each category. Please score each entry on its own merit and not against the other entries submitted by an organization.
  • Scoring: Entries are ranked on a scale of 0 to 5 with 0 being the lowest score and 5 being the highest.
  • Please sign off the scoring sheet after you have finished scoring for a category.
  • There is space for your remarks in the box against each entry.
  • Please refer any queries and feedback you may have to the exchange4media representative.