What will the judges be looking for?

Judging criteria

Specific judging criteria will apply to certain categories or groups of categories, with judges scoring and then comparing submissions.

Categories 1-11: Technology provider/vendor of the year categories
  • Customer satisfaction and loyalty: How is the vendor performing in terms of customer sentiment? How does this relate to targets, and what is it doing to address/influence this?
  • Advocacy: How is the vendor engaging with the influencer community to promote itself, reactively or proactively? What kind of advocacy is it generating?
  • Tech enhancements: What developments have occurred in the qualification towards an overall tech roadmap? How have these been received? How innovative is the vendor? What customer needs have been met with these new solutions?
  • Market engagement: To what extent has the vendor been able to generate or enhance a market leadership position? How, and on what basis, is it engaging with the wider market?
  • Business performance: How is the vendor performing against its objectives? What did it set out to achieve during the qualification period, and how successful was it?
Categories 12 and 16: Categories focused on individual marketers
  • Achievements in their career: What have they achieved to date at various levels of responsibility, within the same or different organisation?
  • Impact on the business in the past 12 months: How have they performed against specified objectives, including measurement, results and testimonials?
  • Impact on colleagues, team members and employees:
  • To what extent have they collaborated with the rest of the organisation, and helped promote/deliver the benefits of marketing technology?
  • Engagement with the wider market, and/or suppliers:
  • To what extent have they created a profile for themselves?
  • Strategic vision: Have they demonstrated understanding of the overall corporate challenges and objectives, and aligned with these?
Category 13: Inhouse marketing technology team
  • Impact on business performance and/or customers: How has the team contributed to a demonstrable improvement for the business or its customers, and how was this measured?
  • Impact on the wider marketing team (if appropriate), key stakeholders and other departments: How have they sought to collaborate with the rest of the business, and ensure understanding, alignment, relevance and success of activities?
  • Individual contributions: How have specific individuals contributed notably to the success of activities?
  • Teamwork and collaboration: How did the team work together, collaboratively, internally, or with relevant suppliers, to meet objectives and demonstrate that the whole is greater than the sum of the parts?
  • Martech utilisation/deployment: How has the team succeeded in enhancing or better utilising the organisation’s martech stack?
Categories 14 and 15: Categories focused on agencies or consultants
  • Business performance: How has the company faired during the qualification period (against its own objectives)?
  • Impact on client’s businesses: How successful has it been in enabling clients to achieve their own martech related objectives?
  • Organisational culture and employee relations: What kind of culture has the organisation developed, and how has that impacted on team development/retention?
  • Collaborative working: How does the company cultivate an integrated working relationship with its own customers?
  • Industry engagement and/or leaders: To what extent has the company created or cultivated an engagement with the wider industry and enhanced knowledge?
Categories 17-27: Martech deployment categories
  • Platform deployment: How was the platform deployed? How did it fit into existing processes, structures or departmental working?
  • Impact on the business and/or customers: How has this use of martech delivered demonstrable improvements to the organisation?
Category 28: Martech transformation/ acceleration category
  • Stack structure, deployment and integration: How were the various platforms deployed? How or to what extent were new processes created or existing ones adapted?
  • Impact on business performance and/or customers: How has this use of martech delivered demonstrable improvements to the organisation?
  • Resource allocation and deployment: How has the existing team or support structure been adapted to accommodate the new platform and consequent working practices?

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