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e4m Media ACE Awards initiative recognizes Indian Media Agencies and their People for their work and their contribution to the Advertising Industry. The 6th Edition of Media ACE Awards will showcase award-winning work for the period 1st June 2021 to 31st May 2022 and will exhibit leadership and direction that has helped mould India's Media landscape.

The Indian Media Industry has grown significantly over the past decade. And while not much is written about it, the Agencies and Professionals involved have been the sole driving force behind structuring the media space and its various facets in an ever evolving landscape. Thousands of professionals as well as young, ignited minds are employed and trained by these agencies to enrich and contribute to the nation’s communication industry.

Catchment areas for clients and media owners, agencies today demand attention so much that global counterparts incline towards engaging with Indian minds for leadership and direction. Which is why it is important to recognize and award Indian Media Agencies and their Professionals for their efforts. There is also a need to foster the growth of these agencies, and hence the industry at large. To celebrate the achievements of today, and ensure stronger leaders for tomorrow, Media ACE will be awarding Agencies and Professional Heads for their most memorable work done.

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