Rules & Regulations

1. Nomination forms are in the form of a Presentation. It is mandatory to fill in details on every page of the presentation as per the required fields (mentioned at the bottom). No changes whatsoever will be made to the forms, once they have been received by the organizers and the organizers will not be responsible for any incorrect or incomplete information.

2. All information provided in the presentations are solely for the purpose of judging and will be treated as confidential at all times.

3. E4m understands disclosing billing numbers and financial data might be sensitive. It is recommended to provide information which is published by research firms such as COMvergence or any such credible sources. Providing as much information to the jury as possible would help the jury evaluate your entry better. If you don't wish to provide specific information, do mention approx figure, percentage or ballpark numbers. These numbers should be authorized by the Head of the Agency / Network. The figures should be mentioned in INR.

4. Nomination forms for all categories are open to all Indian languages, however in case the original work and / or information shared is in a language other than English, the entrant needs to submit an English language translation of the work.

5. The nomination period is 1st April 2021 to 31st March 2022. Nominations will be accepted till 20th August 2022. There is no entry fee.

6. e4m may contact the client related to any nomination at the request of the jury at any time during the voting process should any questions about the implementation or presentation of the work arise.

7. A URL with necessary information carrying an AV/ PPT of your organization detailing the nature of business, major clients being handled, media being handled, team size etc. is MANDATORY. It is advisable, however not mandaotry to incorporate a short AV by the Head of the Agency appealing as to why your agency is the best in the nominated category. Nominations will be considered incomplete until the URL with a PPT / AV has been shared against the nominee.

8. The PowerPoint and/or any other image or AV of the work needs to be uploaded through a Google Drive and the URL needs to be provided in the registration form on the reference material URL field. The file size should not exceed 2 MB (For PowerPoint and maximum of 10 slides) or 2 minutes (For Videos) maximum. Also make sure to change the Google Drive settings to Publicly Viewable. The content shared through these mediums should be accessible till the night of the award show.

9. Sending in nominations does not guarantee awards. Each and every nomination goes through an intrinsic judging process and winners are chosen on the basis of content submitted. For any queries, please reach out to

10. The submission of the Nomination Form assumes that entrants have carefully read the terms and other information and agree to abide by them.

11. The decision of the Jury in all regards to the winners will be final and binding.

Kindly note: Use all the below Headers on your ppt. Don’t miss any headers, all are given equal weightage during judging. Keep the ppt crisp.

Headers for Agency of the Year Nomination PPT

  • Agency’s vision and objectives. Strategy and how the agency accomplished its objectives with evidence of its success and achievements.
  • Challenges and how the agency responded to the coronavirus pandemic, both internally as a business, employees and externally for clients.
  • Creative thinking that inspired the industry or other businesses as a whole to think more innovatively.
  • New initiatives/thought leadership that the agency introduced and the impact and success on how these have led the industry.

[All revenue figures to be mentioned in INR Lakhs]

  • Business growth -- to include new business, organic growth, etc by listing top 10 new accounts starting from the biggest win in descending order.
  • New wins to be stated at a total of gross value and the period over which services are delivered.
  • For each account, clearly state whether the services are provided directly by the agency or via a subsidiary/affiliate. Also to indicate the agency's direct client/brand name, markets and disciplines covered; to indicate it is a direct pitch win or global/regional alignment.
  • Total billed revenue (includes total value of contract and the period which the revenue is earned) and as a percentage (%) increase/decrease over the previous year.
  • Top 10 client accounts relationships -- existing and/or retained through competitive pitch/renewal by stating: client & brand name, tenure of relationships in years.
  • Summary of how or what the agency offered and helped brand building and the strategy on how it has retained and kept these relationships.
  • May also include details of retention rate and revenue percentage charge.
  • Key hires and promotions, staff turnover percentage change. Brief overview of the staff development program, its implementation and success.
  • Highlights of the best work produced by the agency, how it has been conducted (solely or in partnership) and the client relationship.
  • Major awards received by specifying the awards type and if won directly by the entrant agency (include both creative and effectiveness awards, only medals won should be included, not shortlisted entries or jury mentions.)
  • Industry initiatives and programs supported and in what ways. Industry and other community activities the agency is involved in.
  • Other contributions to industry advancement. Examples of how the agency has contributed to improving the image of the profession and industry.

Headers for People Awards PPT

  • Nominee Summary
  • Goals and Value Addition
  • New Business Wins and Business Development
  • People Retention and Talent Acquisition
  • New Initiatives and Innovations
  • Thought Leadership
  • Recognition and Awards