Unlocking Brand Growth:
From Acquisition to Retention

10th October, 2023 | Mumbai

Topic : Unlocking Brand Growth: From Acquisition to Retention

The success of any business lies in its ability to acquire, engage, and retain customers. These three key ingredients are vital for a company to thrive.The journey from acquisition to retention is critical for a brand’s growth. While there are several channels for acquiring customers, identifying the most effective channel and optimising the budget while ensuring minimum fraud remains the key challenge in driving business growth. There’s more to it—effective customer engagement and retention are key factors for achieving ROI. Improving customer retention increases the lifetime value, giving a return on investment for acquiring new users.Join us and exchange some of the effective strategies with industry experts which will help you unlock your brand as well in the growth journey of customer acquisition, engagement, and retention. Elevate your brand to new heights by signing up today


Anu Raj

Chief Marketing Officer

Ishan Bose

Chief Marketing Officer

Jahid Ahmed

Senior Vice President and Head of Digital Acquisition, Website, Content and Social Media Marketing

Prabhakar Tiwari

Chief Growth Officer

Prasad Pimple

Executive Vice President & Head of Digital Business Unit

Ishank Joshi

Co-founder & CEO

Sachin Shukla

Head Brand and Digital Media

Mr. V G Senthilkumar

Head - Marketing & Branding



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