Friday July 30 2021
2 p.m. onwards

Theme: Brands That Matter

Brand preference and loyalty are not static; they must be earned and re-earned over time. With consumer expectations getting magnified every day, consumers' perceptions of brands are increasingly tied to their sociability - how they touch consumer lives beyond the requisites of their operational framework. Brands that have constantly kept people at the heart of their functioning and an empathy-first approach have been successful in dialling up their emotional quotients. These are brands that matter; they go far and beyond to make sure that they are truly making connections with the consumers which are not just a mechanical regular brand-consumer interaction but an emotional rapport that is not only limited to the transaction aspect of this relationship. At Pitch BrandTalks, brand leaders across sectors come together to understand what is it that a brand ingrains itself with to become an entity that truly matters to consumers and all other stakeholders.