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With the evolution of digital technology and Web3, marketers today have endless possibilities to explore which come with a sea of challenges. This era of heightened exposure has also made brands vulnerable, demanding them to be transparent and putting them under the pressure to provide a seamless experience to consumers in a VUCA environment. Therefore, it is imperative for marketers to adopt a new approach - Agile marketing, a tactical marketing approach, where marketing teams collectively identify high-value projects to focus upon and put in their collective efforts.

At the Pitch CMO Summit Mumbai 2023, we aim to understand the various aspects of ‘Agile Marketing’, how it helps marketers adapt to the ever-evolving market and consumer sentiments, and ensure a seamless consumer experience across the board. We also aim to understand how marketers can be more agile in their approach, how they can have a focused outlook on customer value and business outcomes, and how agile marketing is the need of the hour for this dynamic environment.