April 04, 2024 | Mumbai


Explore the crucial role of video ads in today's media landscape and delve into consumer preferences. Join us to address the challenges advertisers face in connecting with diverse audiences across various platforms. Learn how Tailoring Video Creatives is the solution, offering insights to create personalized ads that resonate well, fostering stronger connections with your audience.

Discussion Points

  • Navigating Decreasing Attention Spans:
    Utilizing Programmatic Techniques for Engaging Video Ads
  • Consumer Preference Paradigm:
    Harnessing Programmatic Video Advertising in Response to Shifting Trends
  • Algorithmic
    Enhancing Video Ad Impact through Data-Driven Creativity
  • Chronological Contextualization:
    Optimizing Programmatic Delivery for Timely and Relevant Ad Placement
  • Breaking Through Walled Gardens:
    Programmatic Strategies for Extending Video Ad Reach Across Platforms
  • Data-Driven
    Advancing Measurement Models for Assessing Programmatic Video Ad Impact


05.30pm - 06.00pm

06.00pm - 06.05pm
Welcome Address

06.05pm - 06.10pm
Introduction to Silverpush

06.10pm - 06.55pm
Panel Discussion

06.55pm - 07.05pm

07.05pm - 07.10pm
Thank You Note

07.10pm onwards
Cocktails & Dinner


Chaitanya Sinha

Business Head - India, Indonesia & Thailand

Rahul Joshi

Head of Sales - India

Naziya Alvi Rahman


Chinmay Chandratre

Senior VP - Media

Meghna Godkhindi

Senior Partner- Digital Strategy and Operations

Pranjal Jain

Associate Director - Media Buying & Accountability

Prabhat Naik

Senior Partner Client Leadership

Puneeth Bekal

EVP and Chief Marketing Officer

Riaan Rodrigues

Senior Vice President - Digital Business & Marketing

Sachin Mishra

Digital Marketing Lead

Sahil Gala

Lead, Media and Digital | Garnier India

Saugata Bagchi

Global Head - Digital, Experiential & Content Marketing

Srikrishna Moorthy

Executive Vice President – Digital Initiatives- Head Performance Marketing

Stuti Kumar

D2C & Digital Marketing Manager

Suyash Dongare

Head of Digital Marketing

Tanvi Sadekar

Digital Marketing Head

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