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exchange4media Mobile Awards – The Maddies acknowledges and recognizes all such marketing stories that employ an effective mobile marketing strategy done in India and will be equally judged on innovation, concept, execution and results by a highly experienced independent panel of the industry. These awards are open to all industries linked to Mobile Marketing (Clients, Creative, Media Agencies, Digital Agencies and Publishers, etc).
Since Mobile Marketing has become an increasingly important part of the overall marketing mix and experts pointing to the fact that it will overtake any existing marketing model, doubling spends from other digital marketing forms in a couple of years.

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Last Year Speakers

Ankit Mehrotra

Co-Founder & CEO
Dante DiCicco

Dante DiCicco

Head of International Expansion

Aloke Bajpai

CEO & Co- Founder
Kavita Nair

Kavita Nair

Chief Digital Transformation and Brand Officer
Kedar Apte

Kedar Apte

Vice President- Marketing- India
Sachin Khaire

Sachin Khaire

Principal Architect
Saurabh Mittal

Saurabh Mittal

Head - Open Banking, Remittance and KYC
Yogesh Manwani

Yogesh Manwani

Head AVOD, News and Stories
Gayatri Sundaram

Gayatri Sundaram

Head of Content and Experience KidZania US

Awards Categories

Awards Categories
  • A. Marketing Strategy
    A1. Brand Recall
    A Mobile Marketing campaign whose primary objective is to build brand awareness and establish brand recognition. For example, has the brand grown/developed/been enriched by its engagement with mobile.
    A2. Lead Generation
    A Mobile Marketing Campaign which has generated prospective customers, leads for the future engagement or impact sales and communications with the right target audience.
    A3. Launch of Product/Service
    Campaigns that has used mobile to successfully launch and/or re-launch a product or service.
    A4. Relationship Building/Remarketing
    Campaigns that build or manage strong relationships with customers ,should be measured by an increase in customer loyalty and/or led to customer retention.
    A5. Best use of Apps/Games for Marketing
    Applications/Games used to market a particular brand/product.
    A6. Most Effective App for Consumer
    Best campaign/app/ad done by publishers and app developers for consumer through mobile which can include various sectors like Entertainment, Travel & Tourism, Retail, Publishing, Financial services, etc.
    A7. Campaign To Drive Sales
    Any mobile marketing campaign that directly results in sales of a product/service via mobile. The campaign should be focused only on mobiles to drive/increase sales which can include discounts/offers/gifts/etc to ensure increase in sale of their products through their mobile app/website. The success will be measured by the amount of sales done during the marketing campaign.
    A8. Gender Equity
    The category invites entries which have used the most effective way to communicate gender sensitivity/inclusiveness/equitable nature, by a brand or company. It may be a modification of behavior by raising awareness of gender equity concerns and made a remarkable contribution to championing gender balance and equality of opportunity. The campaigns should have mobile marketing integrated as one of the strategies along with or without other media and communication platforms. Campaigns which have been submitted in previous category can also enter here and will be judged specifically for gender sensitivity.
    A9. Amplification
    Best use of mobile platform to amplify the marcom message or reach consumer in a cost effective manner.
    A10. Community building
    Best campaign done by Brand using mobile to build & engage community in a tactical manner.
    A11. Social Connect
    Best Campaign done by Brand using Mobile for building lasting communities.
    A12. Maximizing Mobile Advertising
    Best use of Mobile advertising to narrowcast message (location based) & programmatic advertising for Real Time Bidding (RTB) & Innovation.
    A13. Digital Influence
    Most effective use of mobile & social videos to generate disproportionate gains.
    A14. Best Mobile Messaging Campaign: SMS, MMS
    A15. Best Mobile Campaign Overall
    A16. Promotion
    Campaign ranging from contests and coupons to special offers, sweepstakes and POS/Merchandising. Includes demos, coupons, exhibitions/trade shows, and games. Be very specific in demonstrating how your campaign specifically changed buyer behaviour.
    A17. Maximizing Mobile Advertising / Programmatic and Machine Learning
    A campaign that demonstrates how the use of a programmatic / RTB platform improved the targeting and increased efficiency and effectiveness in buying, selling and creating a mobile advertising solution. As well as campaigns using creative applications of mobile-based intelligent technology. Includes AI, chat-bots, facial recognition, etc.
    A18. Mobile Social
    Social can include networks (think Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, etc.), person-to-person (i.e. Skype, Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp etc.). Of course, all work must be focused on the mobile
    A19. Best use of vernacular language in mobile advertising
    A campaign that demonstrates the use of vernacular language including content and advertising to leverage local opportunities demonstrating hyper local expertise in the mobile environment.
    A20. Mobile Video
    Mobile is quickly ascending as the dominant screen for video consumption. It’s nuanced and intimate and is proven to yield impressive results as the most effective storytelling platform, despite the small screen. The formula for success is far more complicated than a 30 second spot but also offers greater opportunities. Show us your best in class, most impactful mobile video campaigns!
    A21. Mobile Audio
    Any campaign that demonstrates how the experience of audio techniques, be it music, voice or other sound (audio advertising), was used in a mobile environment to create consumer demand and engagement.
    A22. Most Effective B2B App.
    A23. Most Effective Email Campaign.
    A24. Most Effective Charity Campaign or Solution.
    A25. Most Effective Automotive Campaign or Solution.
    A26. Most Effective DTC eCommerce Campaign.
    A27. Most Effective Search Campaign.
  • B. Channel/Media Strategy
    B1. Cross Media Integration
    Campaigns where mobile marketing was integrated as a core strategy with minimum 3 other media and communication channels. For example, TV, Print, Radio, Outdoor, PR, Direct marketing, etc.
    B2. In-App Advertising
    Use of various forms of mobile advertising like banner, push ads, videos, full page ads , etc In-app.
    B3. Mobile Applications
    Any mobile app that was created as part of an integrated mobile marketing strategy to either provide information, entertainment, productivity or utility as part of the customer experience
    B4. Mobile Website
    Use of various forms of mobile advertising like banner, push ads, videos, full page ads , etc In-aAny mobile website (not an app) developed to provide an enhanced mobile experience to showcase a company, product, brand or service.
    B5. Use of Social Media
    Campaigns featuring the use of social networks/communities on a mobile platform.
    B6. Best Emerging Technology Campaign: Mobile TV/Video, Bluetooth/WiFi, Voice, RBT, etc
    B7. Best Multi Mobile Channel Campaign
    Campaigns that span two or more mobile channels.
    B8. Location Based Services or Targeting
    Use of GPS, geolocation and/or proximity technologies. It could be a targeted campaign for a location-specific audience (based on proximity), or contextual targeting based on history and customer behavior. Campaign can include one-off executions or longer term campaigns but must include specifics on impact against your marketing goals.
    B9. Most Effective Chatbot Solution.
    B10. Most Effective Augmented Reality/ Virtual Reality Campaign
  • C. Enabling Technologies
    C1. Innovation
    Campaigns featuring new or groundbreaking techniques and/or technologies to market a service or a product or even using existing technology in a new or unconventional way to promote product/service to engage customers or to increase sales.
    C2. Use of Integrated Payment / Mobile Wallet Solutions
    Marketing Campaigns with key strategy focused on driving transactions via Integrated Payment Solutions (IPS) / Mobile Wallets. Campaigns where online payment is promoted via IPS / Wallets. Judges will look at cohesiveness of use of Wallet / Payment solutions in overall campaign construct, Results achieved w.r.t cost incurred and effectiveness of campaign.
    C3. Use of Rich Media / Video / Interactive Content
    Campaigns that increase customer experience and engagement with the brand using rich media technologies or video advertising or Interactive content or mix of them in a mobile environment. Judges will look for creativity in campaign creation centred around content, innovative use of content, results and impact of ad in terms of design, copy writing, use of the medium and memorability of the ad.
    C4. Data/Insights
    Use of customer data that played an integral role in the development and execution of a campaign to target, engage or develop a meaningful relationship with a specific audience or community. Detail the role that data had within the campaign strategy in achieving the brand and business goals.
    C5. Most Engaging Mobile Creative
    This is a category that awards a mobile creative on its post click performance. It measures the engagement levels of the user after the first point of interaction and how engaged a person remained as the ad progressed. It takes into consideration how long the user remained on the ad and whether they shared the experience forward on social media.
    C6. Best Use of UGC
    User-generated content (UGC) consists of any form of content that's created by users & consumers about a brand or product. UGC in turn enables authenticity and makes the user the brand ambassador. If you have creatively enabled UGC & crowd sourcing, to build consumer collaborative ads, yielding great results and metrics, this is the category for you.
    C7. Best Data Driven Display Creative
    Intelligent use of data insights for scaled personalization of creative to drive campaign and business objectives. Data insights could be based on audiences, context or from offline input (e.g. pollution API)
    C8. Most Effective Voice Assistant App.
    C9. Most Effective App Install Campaign.
    C10. Most Effective Anti-fraud solution.
    C11. Most Effective Tech Platform.
  • D. Hall Of Fame Awards
    D1. Mobile Marketer of the Year * (Entries not invited)
    Mobile Marketer of the Year is selected by the esteemed Judges from the maximum metals won in above categories.
    D2. Agency of the Year * (Entries not invited)
    The mobile/ creative agency/ organisation that won the maximum metals in above categories.
    * The winner will be decided on the basis of the total number of points won by the agency in the other categories; A.Marketing Strategy, B. Channel/ Media Strategy and C.Enabling Technologies
    Gold 10 points
    Silver 7 points
    Bronze 5 points