Girish Dwibhashyam

VP, Strategy

Kinnari Dave

Deputy Vice President- Product & Innovation

Lokesh Chauhan

Chief Technology Officer

Omkar Shende

SVP, Head- Product, Digital Business

Divakaran Nair

Senior General Manager – Digital

Suryadeep Basiya


Tarun Sawhney

Head of Partnerships - Global

Sanjoy Roy

Co-Founder and CEO

Session Chair
Vineet Shah


Today’s subscribers want OTT brands to meet them where they are and make the entire journey from purchase to quick, easy and personalised support. This is why many Indian subscribers are turning to messaging platforms for support. Messaging offers a more personalized experience for subscribers since it’s the same platform they already use to communicate with their friends and family.

This industry event exclusively for OTT brands Product, Marketing and Growth leadership teams explores strategies for deepening loyalty among subscribers, improving Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) and shaping overall Customer Experience (CX) and the tools to enable them.

Discussion Topics:

  • Challenges in driving growth of OTT brands
  • Using social messaging platforms as a marketing tool
  • Personalising social messaging
  • Creating real time user engagement
  • Enabling payment and support mechanism
  • Accelerating the next level of conversations