Marketing of Financial Services in a Digital First World

Brands today aim to connect with consumers through hyper-personalized messaging in an omnichannel environment, creating a 'moment made by marketing'' that elevates the consumer experience.

The financial services sector is built on transparency and hinges on data and technology. However, the deluge of data available to a marketer can impede marketing efforts. Hence brands seek technology that offers real-time engagement, consumer insights and hyper-personalization, which can help create agile solutions, offer seamless customer engagement across the service life-cycle. 2020 saw the adoption of the digital platform at an accelerated pace with the financial services sector being a big gainer. The panel discussion will explore how technology helps brands create "Marketing Moments" and personalised experiences.

The discussion will look at:

  • Creating a personalised, 360-degree omnichannel communication for customers in the moments that matter
  • Leveraging data to engage with and provide a superior experience to the digital first customer
  • Leveraging marketing analytics amidst data deluge and ensuring data privacy
  • Power of AI in decision making/customer engagement
  • Evolving marketing trends and ensuring financial brand relevance