Impact Digital Influencer Awards 2024

The 4th Impact Digital Influencer Awards 2024 is back once again to honor the companies, organizations, and individuals responsible for outstanding influencer-driven content.

Since influencer marketing has grown to be a significant component of many brands' marketing strategies, it is important to recognize the efforts of those who make it successful. By highlighting the contributions of agencies, brands, and influencers, the Digital Influencer Awards are offering a thorough understanding of the ecosystem and the efforts that go into making it successful.

The fact that the awards acknowledge the value produced for both the associations and the customers is also excellent. The most successful influencer marketing initiatives serve the audience as well as the company by offering inspiration, amusement, or helpful information. To make sure that the practice keeps changing in a constructive way, it is critical to acknowledge its dual value.

Entry Eligibility Period: 1st May 2023 to 31st July 2024
Entry Deadline: 24th June 2024


Brand / Campaign Led entry price INR 19,000*/ Entry
Influencer entry INR 10000*/ Entry
* Taxes as applicable

Winners 2023

Speakers 2023