Welcome to the inaugural edition of the e4m DO GOOD Conference.

This conference aims to empower professionals and organizations to drive positive change and create a lasting impact on the world. Join us as we dive deep into the multifaceted world of purpose-driven marketing. We will explore the strategies, insights, and success stories behind exceptional campaigns and initiatives that are transforming lives.

The conference will emphasize the importance of aligning business goals with social values, fostering responsible practices, and creating a meaningful connection with audiences. Immerse yourself in engaging sessions, interactive workshops, and collaborative discussions where you can learn, share ideas, and build valuable connections with like-minded individuals who are passionate about using marketing as a force for good.

Together, let's embrace the DO GOOD ethos and unlock the full potential of marketing to create a better and more equitable world. Join us at the e4m DO GOOD Conference and be part of a transformative journey where marketing meets social impact.

Together, we can make a meaningful difference and leave a lasting positive impact on society.

Who Should Attend

CSR Foundations
Social Impact Professionals

Why attend

Hear from industry experts sharing inspiring social impact stories.
Explore cutting-edge strategies and trends in purpose-driven marketing.
Get hands-on with workshops for practical marketing skills.
Connect and network with passionate professionals making a difference.
Engage in thought-provoking discussions challenging conventional thinking.
Immerse yourself in a transformative community dedicated to equity.
Join us to create a better, more equitable world.

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