e4m Programmatic Summit aims to create an interactive platform for brands, advertisers, content marketers and martech agencies to throw light on the pressing changes and greater effect on programmatic ecosystem. The programmatic advertising promises — better targeting, greater reach, real-time optimization that has never been bigger. It’s an industry filled with discrepancies, impact and relevance. As the call for better clarity bumps up against their enormous potential, where does the programmatic market actually stand in 2023?

e4m-Xaxis Report 2023

Digital marketing is growing at an unprecedented rate since the beginning of the covid19 pandemic. However, the details of the digital advertising spend, market strategy and impact are not yet available to the stakeholders in the country. This report will help navigate the advertisers and digital agencies with technological insights, data-driven innovative strategies and trends in the ever- evolving market.


  • Brand CEOs, CMOs, Category heads, Brand heads
  • Advertising, Creative Agency heads
  • Digital Marketers, Mobile Marketers, Creative and Content heads from brands & agencies
  • Entrepreneurs, Digital Professionals, Web & Mobile, Strategists, Business Leaders, Business Developers, Agency Executives and their teams, as well as anyone else who operates in the Digital Marketing space.

Key Findings of the Report

  • Evolution of Programmatic
    in India
  • Current technology split across categories like TV, radio etc
  • Category wise adoption &
  • How 2022 shaped evolution within programmatic
  • Adoption of new trends
  • Discovery


11:00 am – 11:20 am OPENING REMARKS Nawal Ahuja,Co-Founder, E4M & Dimpy Yadav, GM, Xaxis to open the event & launch the report.
11:20 am – 11:40 am KEYNOTE ADDRESS – Evolution of Programmatic in 2022
How programmatic has taken the centre stage and has become the mainstream for digital planning and investments specially post pandemic and in the year 2022.
11:40 am – 12:20 pm PANEL DISCUSSION – Commerce Media: Past, Present & Future of a Fast-Growing Media Opportunity
  • Prabhakar Tiwari, Chief Growth Officer, Angel One
  • Suyash Dongare, Head of Digital Marketing, VIP Industries
  • Sonali Malaviya, Managing Director, Essence India
12:20 pm – 12:50 pm SPOTLIGHT:  
 12:50 pm – 01:50 pm LUNCH BREAK  
01:50 pm – 02:30 pm DEBATE FOR AND AGAINST – Death of cookies; a threat to programmatic?  
Moderator shall put statement and then engage with industry expert as they present their motions, question the opposition, defend their point of view and conclude with their closing statements. · Ketan Bharati, VP- Global Marketing Operations, Truecaller
02:30 pm – 03:00 pm SPOTLIGHT: [NAME OF SPONSORED PARTNER] (Partner to be confirmed by e4m)
03:00 pm – 03:30 pm CHATROOM – In Line to sponsor  
03:30 pm – 04:10 pm PANEL DISCUSSION – Leveraging programmatic in the new omnichannel digital landscape  How can we better optimize and integrate your digital media strategy keeping programmatic high priority with the goal to scale the ROI for brands on their media investments in the new multi-channel digital advertising landscape.
  • Jahid Ahmed, VP & Head - Digital Acquisition, Content and Social Media Marketing, HDFC Bank 
  • Ritu Mittal, Head - Marketing and Digital, Bayer Consumer Health India
  • Nitin Bhor, VP-Digital Sales & Growth Marketing, DBS 
 04:10 pm – 04:40 pm SPOTLIGHT
 04:40 pm – 05:00 pm CLOSING KEYNOTE


Prabhakar Tiwari

Chief Growth Officer

Prabhakar Tiwari
Chief Growth Officer, Angel One

Coming soon...

Ketan Bharati

VP- Global Marketing Operations

Gagan Singla

Managing Director-Digital Business

Nitin Bhor

VP-Digital Sales & Growth Marketing


Jahid Ahmed

VP & Head - Digital Acquisition, Content and Social Media Marketing


Suyash Dongare

Head of Digital Marketing

VIP Industries

Sonali Malaviya

Managing Director

Essence India

Ritu Mittal

Head - Marketing and Digital

Bayer Consumer Health India

Nawal Ahuja