e4m Programmatic Summit aims to create an interactive platform for brands, advertisers, content marketers and martech agencies to throw light on the pressing changes and greater effect on programmatic ecosystem. The programmatic advertising promises — better targeting, greater reach, real-time optimization that has never been bigger. It’s an industry filled with discrepancies, impact and relevance. As the call for better clarity bumps up against their enormous potential, where does the programmatic market actually stand in 2022?

e4m-Xaxis Report 2022

Digital marketing is growing at an unprecedented rate since the beginning of the covid19 pandemic. However, the details of the digital advertising spend, market strategy and impact are not yet available to the stakeholders in the country. This report will help navigate the advertisers and digital agencies with technological insights, data-driven innovative strategies and trends in the ever- evolving market.

  • Brand CEOs, CMOs, Category heads, Brand heads
  • Advertising, Creative Agency heads
  • Digital Marketers, Mobile Marketers, Creative and Content heads from brands & agencies
  • Entrepreneurs, Digital Professionals, Web & Mobile, Strategists, Business Leaders, Business Developers, Agency Executives and their teams, as well as anyone else who operates in the Digital Marketing space.

Key Findings of the Report

  • State of Programmatic in India
  • The Programmatic Disruption in New Age Media
  • Digital Transformation through Data
  • New Privacy Laws in India and their effect on Advertisers and Publishers
  • The Role of AI and Automation in Media Evolution
  • Hyper-Personalisation: The Future of Marketing
  • The Rise of Media Commerce
  • Omnichannel extends its Flexibility
  • Measuring the Impact of Media


Session 1
12:00 pm – 12:15 pm IST
OPENING ADDRESS & UNVEILING of e4m-Xaxis Programmatic Advertising Report 2022
Session 2
12:15 pm – 12:35 pm IST
KEYNOTE ADDRESS - Assessing the Future of Digital Advertising
What are the best practices and technologies across the fields of data analytics, deep learning, process mining, performance marketing and business intelligence to create efficient, fast, and scalable value-added processes.

Fiona Tate, Senior Director of Operational Excellence, Xaxis

Session 3
12:35 pm – 01:15 pm IST
PANEL DISCUSSIONby Industry Experts - Significance of Omnichannel Integration
Establishing the measures, why brands should leverage omni-channel media marketing initiatives. What are the right channels and new products to engage with brands, why is it important to target relevant platforms online holistically? This panel debates the challengesof current fragmented media environment & measures that brands can take under omni-channel media approaches.
Session 4
01:15 pm – 01:30 pm IST
SPOTLIGHT for partners
01:30 pm – 02:15 pm IST
Session 5
02:15 pm – 02:55 pm IST
PANEL DISCUSSION - In-App marketing Strategies for a cookie less world.
In last few months, many businesses are feeling unsettled about the multiple dynamic shifts ongoing in media industry. Amongst such changes, one is ad industry post cookie less world. With majority of ad spends going in mobile first strategies & in-app marketing, programmatic enables a very secure and efficient delivery medium for brands. However, are advertisers & publishers ready for the world full of agile & new media formulations?This panelwill share their views about how programmatic can help with impact ofadvertising & help brands adapt new modes of targeting & measurement with ongoing changes?
Session 6
02:55 pm – 03:10 pm IST
SPOTLIGHT for partners
Session 7
03:10pm – 03:40pm IST
CHATROOM - Creating Meaningful Marketing Campaigns
How should brands bring together creative optimization and data and ensure ways to connect with their audiences effectively and in hyper personalised approach.

Chatters in the room :

  • Karthik Nagarajan, Head of Branded Content, GroupM
  • Advertiser (TBC)
  • Arjun Ravi Kolady - Head of Sales - India Spotify
Session 8
03:40 pm – 04:00 pm IST
SPECIAL ADDRESS by an Industry Programmatic Expert
Session 9
04:00 pm – 04:15 pm IST
SPOTLIGHT for partners
Session 10
04:15 pm – 04:35 pm IST
KEYNOTE ADDRESS - AI in Programmatic
Artificial intelligence has dramatically changed digital advertising and helped build an ecosystem where personalisation in communication is key to optimise the return on investment in media. AI allows them to know the context and mindset of users more accurately, in order to increase relevance, usefulness and performance of advertising. What new avenues can we explore with AI in helping deliver the true potential of programmatic advertising?

Silvia Sparry, Global Chief Operating Officer, Xaxis

Session 11
04:35 pm – 05:10 pm IST
PANEL DISCUSSION powered by Magnite
Session 12
05:10 pm – 05:25 pm IST
SPOTLIGHT for partners
Session 13
05:25 pm – 05:55 pm IST
CLOSING ADDRESS – The State of Programmatic 2022


Silvia Sparry

Global Chief Operating Officer

Silvia Sparry
Global Chief Operating Officer, Xaxis

Silvia Sparry is a seasoned programmatic advertising professional, team lead and public speaker with a passion for driving client success, innovation, operational excellence and accelerating positive change. She joined Xaxis after seven years of leading operations at the contextual advertising business Vibrant Media in 2013 and built out the UK Campaign Management and Analytics & Insights functions to meet the rapidly increasing demands of the business.

Sparry has advanced through various roles and is now the Global Chief Operating Officer of Xaxis. She leads the global operations team and is focused on accelerating Xaxis’ journey to become an artificial intelligence (AI) and data science first company. Responsible for tools and platforms, operations and technology, Sparry works to maximise operational synergies both internally at Xaxis, as well as within the wider group, encompassing plista, INCA, and GroupM, in addition to external partners.

Working closely with the Global Solutions and Global Client teams, and the trading community, Sparry will help to translate how capabilities, such as Xaxis’ proprietary AI platform Copilot, can be better applied to deliver outcomes for clients, and further improve excellence standards. Sparry fosters a culture of innovation to explore efficiencies of existing products including Xaxis Integrated Video, as well as future growth areas.

Fiona Tate

Senior Director of Operational Excellence

Fiona Tate
Senior Director of Operational Excellence, Xaxis

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Gavin Buxton

Managing Director – Asia

Gavin Buxton
Managing Director – Asia, Magnite

Gavin currently leads the growth of Magnite Asia, where he is focused on helping media owners and brands win across every channel and format. Gavin has over 19 years’ global experience in the digital advertising space, having worked in leadership roles at tech and publishing companies, including Microsoft, Turner Broadcasting and LinkedIn, with the last ten years based in Asia building businesses. His working knowledge spans television, digital, search, programmatic, mobile, content marketing and social media.

Karthik Nagarajan

Chief Content Officer, Wavemaker,
Head of Branded Content, GroupM

Karthik Nagarajan

Chief Content Officer, Wavemaker, Head of Branded Content, GroupM

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Dimpy Yadav

General Manager

Dimpy Yadav
General Manager, Xaxis India

Dimpy blazed into digital marketing a decade ago with a prior experience into animation & creative domain. She takes an in-depth, hands-on programmatic business approach to global clients for building the market prominence by strategically using new age media. She describes herself as chief evangelist & focuses on bringing the ROI for businesses with emerging technologies and innovation.

In her current role at Xaxis, she leads the client engagement & oversees the wide spectrum of clients for helping their business grow & innovate digitally. Her growth strategies are driven by data & audience research optimizing the full conversion pathway and uncover possible new opportunities. She has also been awarded as the ‘Culture Ambassador’ at Choreos - GroupM’s most unique recognition programme & she also bears the title of creating unbroken record of winning hattrick of accolades.

Arjun Ravi Kolady

Head of Sales – India

Arjun Ravi Kolady
Head of Sales – India, Spotify

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Nachiket Deole

Head of Sales – India

Nachiket Deole
Head of Sales – India, DoubleVerify

Passionate about building brands and all things digital, Nachiket brings along 15+ years of experience in digital marketing and ad-tech. His diverse experience across agencies and publishers has provided clients with an excellent cross-functional understanding of media businesses and emerging technology. As issues of brand safety, ad fraud and viewability are getting complex in India, he is responsible for driving the adoption of DoubleVerify’s ad verification solutions across programmatic, social, and traditional digital media.