Judging Criteria

The award winners are selected from the best work entered through the call for entries from across India by a robust Jury comprising senior marketing, media and advertising professionals.

Screening of Entries:

The winners are selected through an extensive selection process. Jury members will independently inspect each entry and rate them based on their respective judging criteria. Those entries that do not fulfil the criteria shall be disqualified; exchange4media shall not be held liable to provide any explanation to anyone for disqualification of entries.

Criterion for Judging:

Strategy (25%): An entry should demonstrate approach to the overall purpose and target audience throughout each element of the campaign.

Points to consider:

  • Delineate the strategic objective - sales, leads, market share, brand awareness, etc.
  • Identify the target audience
  • What was the creative & media concept?
  • Context- is this the 1st year of campaign? If not, how did it dovetail to the previous years’ results?

Innovation (25%): Jury shall focus on elements of the campaign like content, design and the unique nature and/ or originality of the underlying idea. It includes writing, music, and relevant use of animation, video or anything that communicates a creative marketing message.

Points to consider:

  • Delineate the strategic objective- sales, leads, market share, brand awareness, etc.
  • Integration with overall campaign

Execution (25%): Jury shall focus on the alignment of the strategy with the result through the effective use of resources and implementation of the campaign.

Points to consider:

  • How the campaign was implemented and what was the level of success?
  • How did the execution help achieve results?

Results (25%): JJury shall evaluate the submission on the basis of the results of the campaign, based on whether the campaign achieved desired results? Was it able to reach to target audience? Or any other statistic which will help in proving the results of the campaign.

Points to consider:

  • Did the campaign achieve its goals, qualitative and quantitative?
  • How did the consumer receive the campaign?
  • What impact did the campaign have on the market?

Judging is done in two stages

  • Pre- Screening: The Screening Council will preview and score all entries. The Top 5 Finalists under each category will move onto the next round of judging.
  • Final Jury meet: After pre-screening, from the selected shortlisted entries, judges will select a winner for every category.


  • -Please make your submission concise but provide enough relevant background information to enable the judges to make an informed choice.
  • -The Jury decision will be final. In the event of a conflict of interest, the concerned jury member will abstain from judging the category.
  • -All entries along with supporting statistics/ material will be maintained confidentially.
  • -The exchange4media Group is a mere custodian of Pitch BFSI Marketing Summit & Awards. At no stage of the jury meetings will anyone from the exchange4media Group/ team be part of the decision-making process.