Connect, Create and Celebrate Tamil Nadu's Pride

  • Opening Address: e4m Pride Of India Brands and it’s journey

    Dr. Annurag Batra
    Chairman & Editor-In-Chief BW, Founder exchange4media
    Nawal Ahuja
  • Exclusive Report: Advertisement Spending And The Future Of Brands of Tamil Nadu

    LV Krishnan
    TAM Media Research
  • Success Mantra of Scaling a Local brand to a Global Brand

    Anupam Katheriya
    Cholayil Pvt. Ltd.
  • Power Of The Big Screen in Building Brands And Successful Indian Businesses
    Charandeep Singh
    TVS Credit
  • PANEL : A New Digital India: Aatm Nirbhar Bharat
    Session Highlights/ Talking Points:
    1. Digital Era: Fulfilling the aspiration of New India
    2. Digitization for Optimization and the ease of doing business.
    3. Migrating from the traditional to the digital ecosystem
    4. Expanding the digital payment ecosystem
    5. Revolutionizing the digital payments landscape in India

    MODERATOR- David Appasamy
    Director- Strategy & Brand
    Social Beat
    Sivakumar P
    SPR Constructions
    Balachandar R
    Junior Kuppanna Kitchens Private Limited
    Vignesh Manogaran
    Head- Contract Manufacturing
    Waycool Foods
    Ramesh Narayanan
    Adyar Ananda Bhavan Sweets India Pvt. Ltd.
  • PANEL : Powerful Marketing Strategy: A key To Success
    Session Highlights/ Talking Points:
    1. How to optimize marketing budget to increase profit margins and to make your Brand that India Trust?
    2. How to empower the audience by educational content and inspiring leadership?
    3. Productive-empathic content marketing strategy: The need of the hour?
    4. Designing democratized and language-agnostic marketing campaigns
    5. The Role of AI in delivering value creating customer-centric experiences.
    6. AI & Generative AI: Bringing change in multi-lingual support

    MODERATOR - Bala Manian
    Account Director
    OPN Advertising Pvt Ltd


    Arvind Naidu
    Head of Marketing
    KTV Health Food Private Limited
    Vijay Kapoor
    Founder & CEO
    Derby Men
    Saradha Govindarajan
    Chief Financial Officer
    Veranda Learning
    Sathish Kumar Santhanam
    Managing Director
    DAC Developers
    T S Raghu
    Sales and Marketing Head
    ARS Steel
  • ABP NADU – The one stop Digital Destination for the Tamil Universe

    K. ShanmugaSundaram
    ABP Nadu
  • PHD of Entrepreneurship

    CK Kumaravel
    Co- founder & CEO
    Naturals salon
  • Panel : Leaders Roundtable
    Session Highlights/ Talking Points
    1. How brands of India are adding-driving the Indian growth economy
    2. Scaling the growth of brands of India and competing with the international market
    3. Importance of creating brand resilience in order to meet the rising consumer demand of new India
    4. How to create region-specific products and ways to innovate them as per customer preferences
    5. Labour, competition, infrastructure, and demand in tier 1- tier 2 cities.
    6. Crucial Role of Government policies aiding businesses

    Moderator - Suresh Seshadri
    Business Editor
    The Hindu
    Harish Manian
    Group CEO
    MGM Healthcare
    Gurukeerthi Gurunathan
    Co-founder & CTO
    Venu Srinivasan
    MD & CEO
    Leo Coffee
    Balaji V
    Repose Mattress
    Dr. Suresh Ramanathan
    GreatLakes Institute of Management
  • Understanding the health insurance sector

    Chitti Babu
    Chief Innovation Officer
    Star Health and Allied Insurance


  • E4m Advertising Leaders Boardroom

    Table 1
    1. Importance of understanding the regional market while building impactful advertisements
    2. How to build ads that drive marketing success
    3. The art of building consumer centric advertisements
    4. Regional advertisements- using the power of multilingual ad campaigns
    5. Seasoned advertisements Vs festive ad campaigns: what drives growth more?
    6. Influencer driven ads: The New normal?
    7. Product or Consumer centric ad campaigns? Your take

    MODERATOR - Sorav Jain
    EchoVME Digital
    Vikash Chawla
    Co-founder & Director
    Sagar Shah
    Publicity Port
    Surej Salim
    Director & Chief Operating Officer
    Digitally Inspired Media


    Upendran Nandakumar
    Founder & CEO
    Mohamed Muqthar
    Founder & CEO
    Cortex Media Marketing
    Siddharth Dhabade
    Global Commercial Board Member & Managing Director
  • E4m Advertising Leaders Boardroom
    Table 2
    1. How is the advertisement industry of South India different from any other?
    2. Making ads that cater to the regional, national and international audience.
    3. The role of digital era and AI in the ways of advertising brands
    4. Expectations of a brand from the advertising industry and vice versa
    5. Top 5 latest trends of the advertising industry in Tamil Nadu
    6. Importance of Media buying & selling

    MODERATOR - Pavithra Charan
    Managing Partner
    Inception Business Service


    Mohit Jain
    CEO & Founder
    MJ Solutions
    Vishu Ramaswamy


    Rithesh R
    Co-founder & Head of Digital
    Deepsense Digital
    Chiraag Kinger
    Hashtag Inc.
    Shrikrishna Tangatur
    Open Designs
    Karan Daswani
    Fingerprints Creative
    Samuel Mathew
    Chief Executive Officer
    7 Miles Per Second
  • e4m Pride Of India Brands Awards 2023 @ 5:30 PM