exchange4media formulated the 15th edition Indian Digital Marketing Awards in 2010 with the objective to recognize, celebrate and encourage the work being done in the digital media space... specifically, internet, mobile, gaming, social media and the blogosphere. Share your work with us by entering IDMA 2024.



Judging Criteria

Welcome to the Judging Dashboard of the Indian Digital Marketing Awards (IDMA) 2024.

The India Digital Marketing Awards winners are selected by members of the Jury from the best work entered through the call for entries from across India.

Screening of Entries:

The winners are selected through an extensive selection process. Jury members will independently inspect each entry and rate them based on their respective judging criteria. Those entries that do not fulfill the criteria shall be disqualified. India Digital Marketing Awards shall not be liable to give any explanation to anyone for disqualification of entries.

Criterion for Judging:

Strategy (25%): An entry should demonstrate approach to the overall purpose and target audience throughout each elements of the campaign.

Points to consider:

  • Delineate the strategic objective- sales, leads, market share, brand awareness, etc.
  • Identify the target audience
  • What was the creative and media strategy?
  • Context- is this the 1st year of campaign? If not, how did it dovetail to the previous year results? Any new technology used?

Creativity and Innovation (25%): Jury shall focus on few elements of the campaign like content, design, technological innovation, and the unique nature and/ or originality of the underlying idea. It includes writing, music, and relevant use of animation, video or anything that communicates a creative marketing message.

Points to consider:

  • Consumer engagement
  • Integration with overall campaign

Execution (25%): Jury shall focus on the alignment of the strategy with the result through the effective use of resources, technology and implementation of the campaign.

Points to consider:

  • How the campaign was implemented and what was the level of success?
  • How did the execution help achieve results?
  • How was digital integrated in overall marketing strategy?
  • How creative or sophisticated was the campaign?
  • What did the digital medium bring to the campaign that other channels missed?
  • How was digital matched to specific markets, demographics relevant to overall campaign execution?
  • What percent of budget went to digital?
  • What impact did the campaign have on the market?

Results (25%): Jury shall evaluate campaign on the basis of the results of the campaign based on whether the campaign achieved desired results? Was it able to reach to target audience? Or any other statistic which will help in proving the results of the campaign.

Points to consider:

  • Did the campaign achieve its goals?
  • How did the consumer receive the campaign?
  • How innovative was the campaign?

Overall Experience: The overall experience shall include creativity, content, structure, visual design, functionality, simplicity and interactivity.

*Support with Qualitative and Quantitative data.

Each entry will be put through an evaluation in the pre-jury round against a pre-set criterion for the respective category. The average score arrived by the individual scores for each entry submitted by sub jury members will be considered to shortlist the top 5 entries to be considered by the full Jury. All nominated entries from all categories will be put to discussion by the full Jury and the winner will be chosen through consensus and if required, through voting. If the Jury cannot agree on the winner, the Jury Chair will decide the winners. Entries are to be scored on a scale of 0 to 5 with 0 being the lowest score and 5 being the highest. Point assignment should be based on the following:

  • 0 Doesn't meet requirement of scoring guidelines by any means
  • 1 below average in meeting scoring guidelines
  • 2 average in meeting scoring guidelines
  • 3 slightly above average in meeting scoring guidelines
  • 4 above average in meeting scoring guidelines
  • 5 hit a home run in meeting scoring guideline.

If you require a clarification, please feel free to contact:

Shradha Srivastava: +91 87501 24702 |

Ishita Aggarwal: +91 99714 17339 |

Tanju Kumari: +91 70456 46678 |

Rules & Regulation

The Indian Digital Marketing Awards 2024 (hereafter referred to as IDMA2024) recognize excellence by organizations and individuals for their work in India's growing digital media sector.

The submission of the entry form assumes that you have carefully read the IDMA 2024 terms and conditions and agree to abide by them.


  • The Indian Digital Marketing Awards (IDMA) 2024 - Campaigns submitted should be active in the marketplace between 0000 hours February 1st, 2023 and 23.59 hours January 31st, 2024.
  • The e4m IDMA 2024 assumes all entries are original and the entrant either owns the work or has permission from a client or other appropriate party to enter the work, with all rights granted therein. However a letter of declaration from the client/ marketing head stating the entries submitted is original and authorized work. Incase if entry is submitted for self then the marketing head to certify the same. If any entry is found to be plagiarized, the entry will be disqualified.
  • In the event that a campaign runs over an extended period of time (with multiple implementation dates), it is the responsibility of the entrant to provide adequate proof of the campaign’s evolution from year to year.
  • Only one party may enter an entry, i.e. either the agency or client may enter a piece that both parties have worked on, but not both.
  • The entry form for IDMA 2024 is available online and must only be submitted online with all the relevant details that are being asked for. The organizers will not be responsible for any incorrect or incomplete information
  • The IDMA staff may contact the agency/client related to any entry at the request of the jury at any time during the voting process should any questions about the implementation or presentation of the work arise.
  • To protect the integrity of the judging, do not include the agency name except where asked on the entry form. Any mention of the submitting agency in the body of the entry form is grounds for disqualification. The only exception would be for agency self- promotion campaigns.
  • Entries will not be considered completed until full payment has been made.

Deadlines & Fees

Enter before: Entry fees
Early Bird Deadline | January 15, 2024 INR 20,000*/Entry
On Time Deadline | February 15, 2024 INR 23,000*/Entry
Extended Deadline | March 30, 2024 INR 25,000*/Entry
* Taxes as applicable

Entry Fees for the SMB Companies- 16,000/ entry + GST

Entry fees for the Start-Ups Companies- 13,000/ entry + GST

Payment Related Instructions

  • The payment can be made through cheque, demand draft or RTGS payment mode.
  • The payment for IDMA 2024 should be done in the name of “Adsert Web Solutions Private Limited” Bank Details:
    A/c No. : 50200044400435
    A/c type : Current
    IFSC : HDFC0000003
    Branch : K.G. Marg, New Delhi-110001
  • Cheque should be sent in favour of ‘Adsert Web Solutions Private Limited’ and must reach our Delhi/NCR office at D- 40 4th floor, Sector 2, Telephone: 0120-4007700 by the last date of acceptance of entries. Please address envelope containing cheque(s) to Ms. Shradha Srivastava and clearly super scribe envelope with 'IDMA 2023 ENTRY FEE'.
  • Non-Delhi / non-payable at par cheques will NOT be accepted. The entry fees cannot be submitted in cash.
  • Entry will be accepted only on realization of payment via credit/debit card or cheque(s).
  • No refunds will be made, once payment is submitted.
  • The forms can be submitted online 24x7.
  • We repeat: Entry fees (and entries) will not be accepted for Hall of Fame awards.
  • Upon payment completion one must send the scanned copy of cheque/dd/receipt along with total number of entries uploaded to

Guidelines to complete the entry form

  • NO CHANGES IN THE FORM WILL BE MADE BY THE E4M TEAM ONCE IT IS SUBMITTED OR IS PRESENTED TO THE JURY (The same information will appear on the trophy, shortlist page, winners page or any other site where the winners details will be reflected)
  • The form must be filled in English only.
  • A creative URL is MANDATORY. A video/ powerpoint showcasing how you brought your idea to life. This video/ powerpoint should summarize the Strategy, Creativity and Innovation, Execution and Results of your entry. This clip will be viewed by the judges during the judging sessions. If your entry is a winner, the clip will also be used at the IDMA Gala, at the traveling IDMA Gallery, on IDMA website, and for media purpose. Please indicate when you enter your submission if there are reasons, such as music licensing, that restrict your video showcase from being shown at or after the Gala.
  • The PowerPoint and/or Video will need to be uploaded through Google Drive or Youtube and the URL needs to be provided on the Creative Material URL Field. The File Size should not exceed 2 MB (For PowerPoint and maximum of 10 slides) or 2 minutes (For Videos) maximum. Also make sure to change the settings to “public/ Anyone with the link” if submitting through google drive.
  • Video needs to be shared in AVI or MPEG4 format, whichever is applicable or both. In case of any image, it needs to be shared in a PPT Format only.
  • The justification must be entered in the space provided on the form. It can be written in point form. Refer to the Criteria section which includes eligibility requirements and judging criteria for each category. Think about how your campaign excels in the following areas: Strategy, Creativity and Innovation, Execution and Results. Please be as specific and as concise as possible.
  • Please carefully check and re-check the name of the campaign, client and agency you have entered. If you are shortlisted or a winner, the same will be published on our website exactly as you have typed them here
  • Entries to be submitted under Product, Services, Corporate or Films/ TV Shows/ News Shows/ Films in respective sub categories.
  • Entrants are expected to ascertain that the entries put up on the web can be viewed on multiple browsers and platforms (including the Mac). The organizers will not contact entrants in case an entry cannot be viewed. The works should be resident on the microsites till May 19th, 2024.
  • Please avoid requirement of username and password for viewing of provided material, in case such is required, kindly mention the same very clearly in the covering note.
  • There is no limit to the number of entries a digital/creative agency, organization, or individual can send us but an all-inclusive, non-refundable entry fee should be sent after submitting the entry or can be paid online through debit or credit card
  • For mobile campaigns and apps that need to be viewed on devices like iPads and iPhones, the entry must be accessible on the device. In case the device for which an app has been made is not available easily with the organizers and or jury, the organizers may write to the entrant and request for making available the device on the date of judging in Delhi/ NCR office.
  • For social media campaigns that are no longer active, screenshots and text of messages must be highlighted on a microsite.
  • - ‘IDMA person of the Year’ category is open for entries and nominations by the jury. - We are not accepting entries for the ‘Hall of Fame’ categories of the India Digital Marketing Awards 2024. No entry and no entry fee should to be sent for the same. The winners for the Hall of Fame categories will be decided based on the scores accrued through winning under the other 5 major categories A. Web/ B. Mobile & Tablets/ C. Social Media/ D. Search & PPC Campaigns/ E. Special Awards.
  • If you do not view a 'Success' screen after submission of an entry, there has been an error at the backend. Please resubmit the entry. On the submission of an entry, other than the success screen, you will also be sent an email acknowledging your entry with the details you have entered. Note in case we receive two entries for the same work, only the one received last will be considered for judging.
  • Delegate registration is independent of submission of entries.


  • Judging is done in two stages:
  • Pre- Screening: The Screening Council will preview and score all entries. The Top 5 Finalists under each category (except for IDMA Person of the Year) will move onto the next round of judging.
  • Final Jury meet: After pre-screening, from the selected shortlist under each category, judges will select a winners for every category.
  • Please make your submission concise but provide enough relevant background information to enable the judges to make an informed choice.
  • The Jury decision will be final. In the event of a conflict of interest, the concerned jury member will abstain from judging the category.
  • Every care will be taken of the material submitted but the organizer will accept no responsibility for loss or damage.
  • All shortlisted entries may not become final winners
  • The exchange4media Group is a mere custodian of The Indian Digital Marketinga Awards 2024. At no stage of the jury meetings will anyone from the exchange4media Group team be part of the decision-making process.
  • All entries submitted will become a property of the exchange4media group. Submission of entry also authorizes the exchange4media group to use images and/or audio/video clips of up to 2 minutes from a single entry for use on broadcast television (free-to-air, pay, cable, satellite, DTH, FTA, mobile, out-of-home, internet or any other digital medium for the purpose of promoting or reporting the awards) with due credits.

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  • All entries submitted will become a property of the exchange4media group. Submission of entry also authorizes the exchange4media group to use images and/or audio/video clips of up to 2 minutes from a single entry for use on broadcast television (free-to-air, pay, cable, satellite, DTH, FTA, mobile, out-of-home, internet or any other digital medium for the purpose of promoting or reporting the awards) with due credits.

Please contact:

Shradha Srivastava: +91 87501 24702 |

Ishita Aggarwal: +91 99714 17339 |

Tanju Kumari: +91 70456 46678 |

Grand Jury

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Selection Board

Anika Malik Wadhera
Anika Malik Wadhera
Head - Marketing
Jasmeet Bedi
Jasmeet Bedi
Head Digital Marketing
Manasi Karmarkar
Manasi Karmarkar
Head of Digital Marketing
Purnima Gupta
Purnima Gupta
Head of Digital Marketing
Sheetal Goel
Sheetal Goel
Vice President - Digital Marketing
Abhishek Mehta
Abhishek Mehta
Head of Marketing
Altamash Khan
Altamash Khan
Head of Digital marketing
Amit Chaudhary
Amit Chaudhary
AGM - Head of Digital Marketing
Ananya Agarwal
Ananya Agarwal
Head-Digital Marketing
Himanshu Sirohi
Himanshu Sirohi
Head of Digital Marketing
Parth Desai
Parth Desai
Head - Digital marketing
Jasmeet Bedi
Saurabh Saini
Head Of Digital Marketing and Communications
Urmesh Chandra
Urmesh Chandra
Vice President Marketing
Varman M
Varman M
Head - Media & Digital Marketing
Vinayak Singh
Vinayak Singh
Head - Digital marketing
Jasleen Kohli
Jasleen Kohli
Digital Marketing Lead- Home Care & Personal Care

Vinayak Singh
Head - Digital marketing, Bajaj Consumer care

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