Eligibility Criteria

To participate in the Awards, please ensure that you meet the following eligibility criteria:

  • 1. The campaign should have been implemented between January 1, 2022, and April 30, 2023.
  • 2. Only completed successful campaigns that have shown significant impact will be considered for the awards.
  • 3. The campaign should have been released and implemented in India during the specified period, demonstrating its impact within the Indian Territory.
  • 4. More than one application is permitted if the applications are for different campaigns. Please use a separate form for each campaign.
  • 5. An agency can apply on behalf of its client organization provided they obtain approval from the client.
  • 6. An organization cannot participate on behalf of its sister units, parent organization, or other organizations under the parent organization.
  • 7. The Award categories may be changed/modified/split/merged/increased or cancelled by the organizers and/or Jury based on the number of entries received in any category, and the quality of the entries. The decision in this regard will be final, non-contestable, and binding on all participants. No inquiries in this regard will be entertained.

To submit your entry for the Awards, please follow the submission process:

  • 1. Upon submission, an email acknowledging the entry will be sent to the participant.
  • 2. If a 'Success' screen is not displayed after submission, there may be an error at the backend. Please resubmit the entry.
  • 3. No changes in the form will be made by the e4m team once it is submitted or presented to the Jury.
  • 4. The same information entered in the form will appear on the trophy, winners' page, or any other site where the winners' details will be reflected.
  • 5. The organizers will not be responsible for application form/forms that are damaged/ lost due to lack or lapse in any communication because of internet failure or any other reasons.

Ensure the completeness of your entry and avoid disqualification:

  • 1. All mandatory fields of the application form need to be complete in all respects; otherwise, it may be disqualified from participation.
  • 2. Entries will be accepted in the English language only.
  • 3. No work which is copied/replicated/influenced/redone by an existing campaign will be permitted to participate.

Ownership and publication of work:

  • 1. All work submitted by the participants for the Awards, including but not limited to Intellectual Property Rights therein, will be owned by the Management.
  • 2. If you are shortlisted or a winner, the same campaign details will be published on the website exactly as you have typed them here. The organizers also reserve the right to reclassify application form/forms from one prize category to another, at their discretion.


Please note that the defined timelines are subject to change based on circumstances. The organizers reserve the right to modify the timelines if necessary.

Disruptions or Cancellations:

Organizers shall not be held accountable or liable for any disruptions, stoppages, interruptions, or cancellation of the Awards or its ceremony or any part of its processes because of any factors beyond its control. While every effort will be made to ensure a smooth process, unforeseen circumstances may arise that could impact the event.

We encourage you to carefully review and adhere to the eligibility criteria, submission guidelines, and timelines provided. Stay updated with official communications from the organizers for any changes or updates related to the Awards

By participating in the Awards, you accept and agree to the Terms and Conditions stated herein.