Submission Guidelines

1. Register and Create Login ID & Password

  • To participate in the awards, register on the platform and create your unique Login ID & Password.

2. Login and Access the Entry Form

  • Use your Login ID & Password to log in and access the entry form.
  • Fill out the form in English only.

3. Manage and Edit Entries

  • Once registered, you can easily manage your entries on the platform.
  • Edit and make changes to your submissions before final submission using your Login ID & Password.

4. Mandatory Fields and Word Limit

  • Pay attention to fields marked with an asterisk (*); they are mandatory and must be completed.
  • Some fields have a word limit. Ensure that you do not exceed the specified limit.

5. Audio Visual or Case Film or PowerPoint Presentation (Optional)

  • You may include an Audio Visual, Case Film, or PowerPoint Presentation to support your entry.
  • The Audio Visual or Case Film should not exceed 120 seconds.
  • The PowerPoint Presentation should not have more than 10 slides.

Key Dates

Campaign Eligibility Period: 1st April, 2022 to 30th April, 2023 (Campaigns that have been introduced earlier but ran during this period or continued running after this period, are also eligible to enter)
Entry Submission Deadline:
On Time Deadline: 31st October , 2023
Extended Deadline: 20st November, 2023

Payment Guidelines

  • A non-refundable fee of Rs. 7500/- + GST will be charged per entry.
  • The payment can be made through NEFT, RTGS, cheque or DD payment mode.
  • The payment for e4m DO GOOD Awards 2023 should be done in the name of “Future Play Holdings Private Limited”
  • Beneficiary Name : Future Play Holdings
    A/c No. : 50200017487189
    A/c type : Current
    IFSC : HDFC0001236
    Branch : ITO, Delhi
  • Cheque should be sent in favour of ‘Future Play Holdings Private Limited’ and must reach our Noida office at D-40, Sector 2, Noida – 201301 by the last date of acceptance of entries. Please address envelope containing cheque(s) to Ms. Shweta Jain and clearly mention on envelope ’e4m DO GOOD AWARDS 2023 ENTRY FEE'.
  • Non-Delhi / non-payable at par cheques will NOT be accepted. The entry fees cannot be submitted in cash.
  • Entry will be accepted only on realization of payment via credit/debit card or cheque(s).
  • No refunds will be made, once payment is submitted.
  • The forms can be submitted online 24x7.
  • We repeat: Entry fees (and entries) will not be accepted for Overall Excellence awards.
  • Upon payment completion one must send the scanned copy of cheque/DD/receipt along with the total number of entries uploaded to

Note: Please follow the instructions and guidelines provided carefully to ensure a successful submission.

Supporting Material Guidelines

  • All case films, presentation images, and other materials must be in English.
  • Work which was not originally published in English (TV ads, print ads, hoarding etc.) can be translated or subtitled exactly as it was published or aired, so that they can be understood by the English-speaking judges.
  • If translating original video work, please note that dubbing is not allowed. Voiceovers can be translated but visible speech must be kept in the original language and subtitled.

Image File Format Guidelines

A visual presentation of your work, including images and English text, concisely summarizing the brief, execution and results.

Specifications: JPG, 7063 x 5008 pixels, 5 - 15MB

Supporting Images

Digital images that may help support your entry to the jury. Maximum 5 Images. This should be included if necessary and relevant.

Specifications: JPG, 7063 x 5008 pixels, 5 - 15M

Video File Format Guidelines

High quality video like .MOV or .MP4. The maximum file size is 350MB

Aspect Ratio   Resolution Format / Code   Audio
  Preferred Full HD 1080p   1920 x 1080 .MOV / H.264 AAC, Stereo, 48kHz
HD 720p 1280 x 720
Accepted 4:3 or 16:9 1024 x 576 .MP4 / H.264 AAC, Stereo,
720 x 576
854 x 480
640 x 480

Radio File Format Guidelines

MP3 audio file of original radio advertisement, as it aired.

Specifications: 258 kbps preferred, 128 kbps = Minimum Accepted.

Film Format Guidelines

The original film advertisement or content, exactly as it aired. Work which is not in English should be subtitled, so that it can be understood in English, exactly as it was published or aired. Please note that dubbing is not allowed. Voiceovers can be translated but visible speech must be kept in the original language and subtitled.

Specifications: .MOV/ MP4, 350MB.


The URL must be accessible online until October 31, 2023. URLs must start with ‘http: //’ or ‘https: //’ and are accessible without a login or password.